Cancer The Defeated Foe


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    This book is a powerful collection of seven testimonies of people who were diagnosed with cancer and were dynamically healed by the power of God. These enthralling stories of the supernatural will hold you spellbound as you read how these victims of cancer put their faith in God and His healing Word to receive their personal miracle.

    Testimonies Include Healing Of: Breast Cancer • Tumour on the Pituitary Gland • Bowel Cancer • Hodgkins Lymphoma • Prostate Cancer • Cancer of the Cervix • Abdominal Cancer.

    Cancer is now considered Public Enemy Number One in our society today and is responsible for 26% of all deaths in our nation. However, God wants people to know that Cancer is not a Death Sentence and as with all diseases, cancer is just another opportunity for our Lord to demonstrate His power and to perform a miracle.