Bringing Belief To The Unbelieving Believers


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    Times, cultures, people, technologies and even theologies change, but thank the Lord our Creator never does. There has been a great deal of excellent teaching in recent years concerning the aspects of faith. This book explains how that FAITH is NOW and never in the past or future.

    There has been tens of thousands of good sermons preached on this subject and on the economics of growing faith. However, in spite of all of this, I still find a large percentage of church going folk are left floundering in hope and wishing for their miracle to materialise.

    Even though the Bible says, Jesus is the same yesterday – today and forever, a great majority of God’s kids are either living in the past or the future. They are totally convinced that the Lord created the heavens and the earth six thousand years ago and they are eagerly looking forward to His return at the second coming, but they find it difficult to believe that the Lord is there for them TODAY.

    Bringing Belief To The Unbelieving Believers is a book about the miraculous and shares many testimonies of Bible type miracles in this modern day.