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Greg Biddell Ministries

Accelerated Learning: Old and New Testament

When I was a child, my father purchased two books filled with Bible Knowledge.  These books raised questions and provided answers from Genesis to Revelation.  Reading these books gave me a knowledge of the Bible and a long-lasting interest in the things of God.

After I had grown-up and left home, my father had passed on, I no longer had access to these books. However, I have always remembered their value and the interest they created in me for Godly understanding.

My wife and I have created a free resource called Accelerated Bible Learning Old and New Testament for parents to use with younger children and older children to read and study on their own.

I believe, that just a few minutes a day can develop a Scriptural foundation for the rest of our lives.

Bible Quotes

Quotes or sayings can sometimes leave an impression that lasts longer than a sermon. They are a seed or a revelation that can change the way some see themselves or the world.  

These quotes are a free resource that can assist ministries or families in creating a positive and uplifting culture which are based on Godly principles.

Bible Insights

Bible Insights are an asset that provides further cultural understanding and knowledge of Biblical teachings and historical events.  We trust they can assist you in delving deeper into these subject matters.  

Ten Commandments – Printable Poster

A bright colourful poster of the Ten Commandments designed for children. 50cm x 35cm

Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia is a set of presentations, designed in Powerpoint, to assist in increasing Bible understanding. 

There are fifty two individual weekly presentations FREE to download and use.  

Each presentation is approximately four minutes in length and has been formatted so that the answer automatically reveals itself after a predetermined time.

The sets are made up of the following: 

  • Thought of the Day
  • Eleven questions and answers in a variety of formats (multiple choice, true or false, Complete this Scripture, match the information, question and answer and complex answer)
  • Interesting Bible Facts

The resource is intended to be used by churches pre-service,  in youth or church fun nights, or by individuals wishing to challenge themselves and learn more about the Word of God. 

In addition, there is a group of special occasion presentations for the following: 

  • Creation
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Mother’s Day 
  • Father’s Day 
  • Children/Youth Ministries – This is a longer presentation of approximately nine minutes