Greg Biddell Ministries

Greg Biddell

Greg was born again under the ministry of Oral Roberts in 1956 when he was eight years old. He knew from an early age he was called to ministry and each week his family held a church meeting in their home after attending their local church service.

Greg contracted meningitis as a toddler and lost the ability to speak and attended regular speech therapy classes. However, after two years, he was still unable to utter a single word.

The doctors advised he should be enrolled in a special school for ‘social interaction and development’, but this proved disastrous, as his inability to communicate made him a target for schoolyard bullies.

His father encouraged him saying, “if you can make the sound of a vowel, you will conquer a word – and if you can conquer a word, you can speak a phrase – and once you have overcome a phrase, you will triumph over a sentence – and before long – you’ll be speaking with the best of them”.

At nineteen, Greg attended Bible School where he met Sue. By the end of the first week, they knew they were to spend the rest of their lives together and were married twelve months later. Greg and Sue served as missionaries for four years in Papua New Guinea.

By the time they were twenty-two, everything they owned was lost in transit enroute to New Guinea and their new photographic company in Australia was destroyed in a fire. In 1974, they accepted a position to pastor a church in Darwin and one week later, the city was devastated by Cyclone Tracy where again they lost all of their remaining possessions. It is no wonder Greg believes ‘Failures are just stepping stones to success.’

Greg and Sue pastored for fourteen years in the Northern Territory and during that time built two church buildings. These days they travel constantly as full-time itinerant ministers, speaking in churches and holding seminars and conferences.

Sue Biddell

Sue’s father was a British spy during World War two. Her family migrated to Australia when she was twelve years old.

At thirteen, she was admitted into hospital to have her adenoids removed. On being discharged, she found that her family, being hit by hard-times, had moved on without her. Immediately she left school and took employment as a Jillaroo to support herself.

At the age of fifteen, she purchased a one-way ticket to Perth and enrolled herself into a private college. However, the school fees far surpassed her income and she was forced to leave the school within months.

On leaving school, Sue walked the streets knocking on doors, seeking accommodation for the first night. An elderly lady took her in and gave her a bed. The following morning, Sue was hitch-hiking into the city in anticipation of finding a job. The Lord sent along a lovely Christian couple who gave her a ride and invited her back to stay with them. On the weekend, they invited her to church and that night she received Jesus as her Saviour.

After a year, Sue returned to Adelaide to reunite with her family. However, this was not possible as her parents were now working as lighthouse keepers. A few months later, while boarding in Murray Bridge she received a mysterious letter inviting her to Perth to attend a Bible School. It wasn’t until eight years-later, we were told the story of how this letter had come about.

An elderly man on his death bed in Western Australia, awoke from a coma and spoke to his pastor. He said, “Jesus is in the room with us right now and He’s asked me to give you this message. There’s a young lady by the name of Sue Jordan living in South Australia, who I have called to ministry. Find her and invite her to Perth to attend Bible School.” Upon relaying this message, the old man closed his eyes and passed away. Sue graduated and is still serving the Lord today.

Drawing from nearly fifty-five years of personal experience walking with the Lord, Sue shares and ministers to ladies. She encourages and instructs them to never give up on marriage, family, children or ministry and how to walk in the grace, peace and love of God.

She believes that women are the hidden beams of God’s power and strength in shaping a home, a church and a nation.

Sue loves to share at lady’s meetings, seminars and camps, especially on her encouraging testimony ‘Abba Father’. The story of how the Lord became her Father and gave her comfort and strength during her most difficult times in life.

Greg and Sue travel together preaching and teaching the uncompromised Word of God.